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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mom Jeans

Attention " dum dum" lollipop makers--when I peeled the paper off of your Mystery lolly, I did not expect grape. Grape is not mysterious." Communion" flavor, "Why is China So Mean" flavor dum dums would qualify as a Mystery lollipop. So would Grass, or Human skin flavor or Dog Food, or Ambrosia( what is that??)
Today I finally crossed over to high waisted jeans. It's hard to avoid feeling like you are wearing "mom" jeans when you are over 35 and a mom rocking the super high waist. I think I am pulling it off though. If you see me on the street and you disagree, let me know. The punch in the throat I give you will in no way diminish my gratitude for your feedback.
Last, why does the media beat every story to death? It's a big world with lots of stuff going on. The other day I saw a tree man on the discovery channel. A tree man! ( they were warts but still)
Give the Octo Mom a break. I don't care anymore, and besaides no I can only think of her surrounded by baby octopuses, hanging off her nipple, wearing baby ocotpus onesies. I don't care about her undersea fertility treatments. Go Away.


  1. Amen. I am enjoying your blog reads!! Love your etsy store, if I were rich I would buy a ton of your clothes!!!! I gave up on mom jeans even after baby 4, now I just wear elastic!!! Ha ha

  2. P.S. Would you mind if I linked you on my not-as-cool-as-yours blog?

  3. My god, I saw that tree man guy too! I really- I mean really felt like vomiting! I had to turn the channel pronto! I mean I know he is poor, but wouldn't somebody have recognized a prob, like when his first arm/leg became deformed? Why wait until your ENTIRE body is root-like?? Ewwwww!

  4. i'm not really sold on all high waisted jeans available out there, here is my opinion on them:

    cute high waisted jeans:

    the the emperor's new high waisted mom jeans:

  5. Ha-ha. So true though (about the Octowhatever).

  6. Are those the liberated equivalent of the Mythical "Can Breed but Can't Come" Dress?
    The Horror - The Horror!
    Girl; Rage against the Elastic bondage of the Evil TV God! Take arms against the hoards of hollow eyed anorexics.
    Cast the offending garment into the flames of a million Cosmopolitan mags and be Free!
    Thank you Sweet Jello!
    Squiggly be thy ways!