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Friday, March 20, 2009

My Girl


This weekend Austin is blessed with a huge event called South by Southwest. It brings together 13000 bands with a city full of drunks on vacation. Music-loving people from all over the country fly here, at their own expense, to stand around drinking and looking bored. Some of them also brush past me, spilling my drink or knocking my shoulder, and do not apologize but instead look me up and down.
In Austin, to admit that you don't enjoy live music is like saying," I don't like babies" Or "I hate your dog" It's a really unpopular statement. Sometimes I ask people," Why don't you just buy the CD, and then listen to it in your own house where you can drink beer comfortably?" and then people look at me like I'm retarded.

I went to a parking lot outside of a bar last night, with the plan of standing around and drinking a beer, because I did want to try to enjoy this huge event like a normal person.
I don't get it. I honestly don't. Fatigue began to drag me down from the first 10 minutes.There weren't even any hotties to look at.
Is there some kind of anorexia craze sweeping the boys of America? Why are you so goddamn skinny all of a sudden? Are they actually dieting? They seem much more image conscious than they were in "my day".I don't like this, not because it's disingenuous, but because affectations like that are FOR GIRLS. It's girlish to put up "sexy' pretenses.I enjoy it in the gays, not so much in the straight ones. But I guess that's it, every generation is annoyed by the next. God knows my parents generation bugs the living shit out of me.
But, I'm glad I am not 21 and trying to date right now.
I remember when Jeff and I were dating. I actually called my friend Martha and said, " You're not going to believe this but-he's not in a band." And then I almost wept with joy, because it's so rare in this town. I knew my sentence of going to my boyfriend's shows every weekend was over. I can't count the number of times a "date" meant watching someone "jam" with their roommate in their living room.
So now, I am not going to pretend that I get it. I will download the Oldies on my Itunes and lie down on my own couch to listen to them. You are welcome to come over and stand in my living room, drink a beer in your skinny jeans and level hostile, bored stares at me.